Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Placebo Effects - Why Some Users Claim to Experience Better Results with Repacked/Relabelled Products

Placebo effects do play a role as well in individuals testifying that a certain product is more effective or quicker in response when compared to another (when the exact same ingredient are in the ampoules but labelled as something better). 

That is why some users adamantly admit that the 'vitamin C+ collagen' is better than the vitamin C alone (although the are the same). When someone believes in something, the person may actually experience real change. This has always been known in medicine and is a normal physiological response that is tied up to human psychology and belief. 

Another reason is because human evaluation is usually subjective without any proper scientific quantification method. The same effect can be desribed by two different individuals as direct opposites in extreme cases. And if one person is treated by two different ampoules bearing different labels in which the effects is expected to be identical (using two ampoules of the same item but relabelled to make them look different), the same person may claim to obtain better results with one compared to the other.

That is why in a proper clinical trial, the responses are quantified and measured to determine its statistical significance and to determine if those responses came from the placebo effects of individual's belief or from the drug (medicine) itself. (In lay man's words, if someone gives you a glass of water and says that it is from a miraculous source able to heal any disease, and you truly believe in that person, you might just wake up the next morning feeling never felt better!) This is the reason why some still insist that the vitamin C+ collagen is better although they are identical.

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