Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kojic Acid

This is a relatively new product in the market allegedly containing Kojic Acid. Kojic acid for the purpose of cosmetics as many are aware is actually banned in a few countries including Switzerland, Korea and Japan for its possible mutagenicity effects possibly linked to cancer and other health hazards.

What is available in this preparation is none other than glutathione and vitamin C. So this is yet another repacked products made to look as if it is a new novel product.

The bar code below shows that it is not a real bar code. The number portrayed as the bar code shows it is the wrong sets of numbers for a product said to be made in Japan. This number is only used as voucher codes. It is not a real bar code. A real product made in Japan would bear a different set of numbers. You may refer to our previous article on bar codes. However the packaging we must say is rather impressive, together with the logo of Kyowa Hakko, the purported company that makes it.

This product does not contain Kojic Acid. It is just a name. And it is not made in Japan. The error in the bar code reveals it all:

Kojic Acid                                           
Bar Code:  9987164432453332     
Origin: Voucher Codes
Significance: This bar code is a false bar code                                                                                                          
Insert on the inside of the box
Supposed Certificate of Authenticity

Below is a newspaper clip from a Chinese daily that reported the fake nature of Kojic Acid.


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WilmerD_Sho玉鳳 said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 .............................................

reena said...
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ramesh said...

hi omg thanx for posting...u should review more about those jabs stuff esp like those biotad/tranexamic acid n etc.I bought kojic acid also,looks just like ur pics posted in d blog n i hv used it.No effect watsoever n im so scared.what is d real content of it then?

VIvie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


We believe the content is vitamin C & glutathione but of unknown source. There is no kojic acid whatsoever.

lara said...

have you heard RAITORIO 5000mg? i know it from doctor i've known and they said this product is good and could make the skin lighter and glowing. Please the advice, thanks

VIvie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


We've seen this product some years ago.

When we looked at the product, the ingredient stated was a hormone.


Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

a Male hormone (raitorio)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

They're so useful to me! By the way how to know wherether they are genuine or not such as Essentialle & hyal C (switzerland)? laboratoires Filorga(Paris), prolene 2%(India)? Where do purchase those with genuine?

Many thanks.

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


All of them are not original. Its not possible to get the original from the purported companies simply because they do not produce such products. Their name are taken without prior permission and being used to portray as if these well known companies are making them. In actual fact they are just stealing the name brand. The actual contents are not sanctioned by these companies. In another word, these are fraudulent products.

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Hi Vivie Beauty Shack,

ust noticed Tationil Teofarma
& Laroscorbine Vitamin C are
Genuine Original.

1)How abour Ribo wied & B12?

For own usage and inject for customers and any recommended original hyaluronic Acid? It's a must to make sure they r original, otherwise you can recommend product ONLY origial to me. Thanks!

And kindly PM me the cost for Ribo Wied, B12, Tationil Teofarma
& Laroscorbine Vitamin C.

Thanks! - Laura

khairul said...

ouh...then when can i get real kojic acid ? really need to buy 1

khairul said...

plz help me... i really wana buy real kojic acid. not fake ...do u guys have any links

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


There is NO authentic Kojic Acid injection for whitening. Sorry to disappoint you.

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