Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Evidence on Fake Products

Today we discover new evidence concerning the originality of products.

We will try to post this information by later today.

It will be damning. We are sure when this new information is made available, and has trickled down into the knowledge of many, packagers of these fake items will scramble to have them changed. 

So stay tuned while we complete the write up. 

There is also new evidence on a relatively high end product, which also shows that it is not what it is made out to be. We were shocked ourselves to find out about this and we shudder to think that these people have the audacity to trick the masses into believing in their claims. When we discovered this information, we were speechless and taken aback. That was about a week ago before we gathered more information concerning the company in question. We were so shocked to act immediately. Thus the information gathering activity was conducted so that we will not make any mistake when we publish the evidence.

We also heard news that we have stirred some feathers on the ranks of suppliers. These people are not happy with what we have revealed. However, for the sake of the truth, we have no other choice. We are not answerable to them, but we are answerable to a higher authority. So in effect, we are left with no choice. 

We apologize if we hurt anyone with this expose. We had no intention to do that. But truly, for the sake of the truth, and that we hold the philosophy that the users/patients should know the whole truth, we are less concerned about how this information might negatively affect businesses (ourselves included).

This information that we are revealing is not something new. A few suppliers know them, but choose to keep to themselves. We know a few who passed on this information to doctors, but the doctors chose to keep silent and not pass this information to their patients. Only a minority do.

When we first discovered about all this, we were devastated to say the least. But having come to terms with the reality, we knew we had to pass this information to you. 

The evidence is laid out. Some will obviously choose to ignore all this, or try to sabotage or deny this report. But all of these reports and the information contain therein is readily available in the public domain and can be verified by almost anyone, in regard to their veracity. 


TAN said...

still your product that stated original is not approved by the Ministry of health ! U are also a liar !

TAN said...

and please prove your so-call original product by showing all the info of manufactor, website , and details info, and all MAL approval !

reena said...

can i know how u tested these im also curious since ive bought many fakes oso..sigh...

i bought tranexamic acid,its cap is blue but the box i dont see any barcode?so what is dat made of,a higher dose of gluta?bcz the price also seems higher?


VIvie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


Reena, All tranexamic acid injections in powder form supposedly used for whitening available in Malaysia are fake products only containing glutathione. There is no tranexamic acid.

Tranexamic acid injection is not used for whitening purposes, they are used for blood clotting purposes.

Tan, Most of the injections available on Malaysia are not registered and are not registrable with the Ministry of Health (cf FDA of USA). Thus they carry no MAL number as they are not registrable here even if they are original.

Siska Shop said...

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Is That 0rigin/Fake? C0z, I have See my barc0de Pr0duct with ur barc0de Date 0n Ur BI0g Ab0ut Tathi0n 500 fr0m K0rea, Is n0t The same!
Thx 4 Ur ExpIain, Dear...

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