Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vitamin C + Collagen Platinium Roche (Fake/Imitation)

This is a fake (imitation) product purportedly manufactured by Roche. Roche does not manufacture vitamin C + Collagen and never had. 

Vitamin C does not mix with collagen in a single ampoule because one is water soluble and the other being of high molecular weight & of large molecule, the two does not mix. Furthermore, if you were to inject collagen intravenously (into the vein), you will collapse from an anaphylactic shock or a DIC (disemminated intravascular coagulation) which may prove to be fatal. Injecting collagen is akin to injecting Vitamin E, an oil based vitamin, which cannot be done intravenously.

All vitamin C + Collagen that are present in the market are actually fake products. That is the reason why there are multiple packaging of the same item in the past. Below are two examples of the previous types of packaging found. Usually the peddlers would say that a certain packaging is from France, another from Italy and yet another was from Vietnam and similar reasons so as to blur the users into believing their stories.  In actual fact these three types of packaging are made by three different packagers in Malaysia. You will not find these items in France, Italy or Vietnam no matter how long you look for them. You are also invited to call Roche and show them these pictures and ask them if they ever produced them and you will not be surprised if they will tell you there are no such products ever produced by Roche.


The main ingredient insude these products is normal vitamin C without any collagen whatsoever. The main reason why these are repacked and marketed as being a product having collagen inside it is to increase the prices. Actually vitamin C when injected in the body, some of it will be used in the synthesis of collagen by our own body (skin) and other parts. Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen but there is no collagen injection that can be administered directly into a vein. Collagen can only be administered orally, intradermally, subcutaneously or even intramuscularly (of dubios benefits), but NEVER intravenously.

Essentially, there is no real Vitamin C + Collagen injections in the market, no matter what the brand is (there are various brands claiming to contain both vit C and collagen in the same ampoule. Whats available are fake or imitated goods.

Below, is a letter that was sent by Roche Malaysia to one of our clients who made inquiries to Roche Malaysia, thereby confirming our report on the inauthenticity of Laroscorbine Platinium. 


i am summer said...

i think vit.E can actually be administered intravenously

may i please have your references so could further review and study this issue, thanks!

Victor said...

We must always make sure of what we're buying. Taking imitation vitamins might lead to serious health problems. That's why I prefer taking lorna vanderhaeghe products because they're definitely safe and effective.

alan said...

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sara said...

are you serious about this??i bought this at the clinic..from a skin doctor!!

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...
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Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

only very diluted levels of vit E can be administered intravenously but not those that you observe in ampoule forms containing eg 100mg per ampoule for example.

Yes unfortunately even some dermatologists do not even know any better.

Lydia said...

O MY GOD!!! I just bought Vit C 1000 mg + Kolagen 350mg (Roche) and jab it through i.m. a few hours ago. I already jab 1 pack last mouth (10 ampoules of Rodotex Nano Vit C 1000mg + kolagen 500mg) and almost didn't feel any different except my skin a little bit smoother/softer.
Is it safe to continue the therapy? Thank you for the information, God bless you Vivie.

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

We certainly do not recommend the use of fake items because we cant really be certain the content does not contain any harmful chemicals/agents. We do however suspect the content in most cases are cheap vitamin C from China, but the addition of harmful ingredients cannot be ruled out. Thus it is always best to opt for original/genuine items, for the sake of your own health.

Shermaine Tee said...

i just buy this product today from a clinic. if that is a fake products what can do?

sutilicious said...

how much is the selling price?

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

We do not sell this item, it is fake

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