Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tationil Bayer (FAKE/IMITATION)

This product is an imitation of the tationil teofarma/roche. These are far cheaper than the original and thus some individuals would not mind buying them because of the cost. Some sellers also insist that these are genuine articles when they are clearly not. Bayer produces Laroscorbine vitamin C but it does not and have never produced Tationil. The trademarked brand "Tationil" is the sole possession of its manufacturer Teofarma in which the rights to the use of the brand has reverted back from Roche since last year. 

The content of this particular item (Tationil Bayer) is of non-Italian origin, most probably of Chinese origin and repacked & relabelled to make it look original. One close look will reveal its real identity. The labels on the vials/ampoules are made by the use of plastic stickers bearing the logo and description of the product. These stickers can be easily removed and can be easily produced anywhere. The original product (Teofarma) however do not employ stickers. The logo is printed directly onto the vials/ampoules themselves. Furthermore there are no bar code tags on the repacked products as opposed to the original.

Always use original genuine articles for safety concerns as the adverse effects may take years to manifest themselves.

For further details you may contact local Bayer representative in your countries and inquire them if they ever produce this product and you will be surprised that they do not.

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