Sunday, August 31, 2008


NC24 is actually an Australian brand name (Nature's Care Australia) which produces dietary supplements and topical applications for the skin. They do not produce injectables. NC24 is not a Japanese brand name. 

The site can be visited online:

Thus the NC24 available in the market is not actually from NC24 itself but a brand that is utilised for the sole purpose of make the product look legitimate. It certainly is not a brand name from Japan. We however bevelieve the ingredients contain glutathione powder and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) but from which source, we are uncertain. One can easily verify the information by contacting NC24 it self.


reena said...

omg i bought this depresing to know ive inject this to my body n worse wasted my money.However thank u for creating n informing us d public.i cant thank u enough as it prob save my health n money in d update more.

VIvie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

Ok will do reena.

Thanks for your comments.

Master Jason said...
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