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Gerovital Tablets & Injection

"Mentioned as the most effective antiageing formula... "Susan Clark, Sunday Times, 1998.
"Gerovital H3 is perhaps the most well known antiageing product  & rejuvenative therapy in the world"Leslie Kenton: Award winning Health Author & Daily Mail writer. 

"The whole effect on the body seems like total rejuvenation, providing energy and tranquility."Deborah Dooley , Daily Mail, Tuesday May 19th 1998
"It is not good to accept a new substance or therapy without first undergoing proper research. It is also not good, and is totally unacceptable to dismiss a substance as good as GEROVITAL" David Rathbone: Investigative Journalist
" look at these individuals who are elderly who have given up, and then to be treated with GEROVITAL.....They now seem happy, interested to take part in the world around them which now seems to have given them and others a reason to live…and I know what I’ve seen, it is astounding! I cannot forget it." Dr Alfred Sapse, UCLA.
" A person’s energy level is returned to normal as well as productivity and creative energy of that individual" Prof. Dr.Ana Aslan "The original award winning GEROVITAL pioneer."
Gerovital ® H3


● Designed by Dr. Alfred Einhorn from Germany in 1905 as a pain reliever (anaesthetic).

● In 1940, Assoc. Dr. Ana Aslan of Bukharest University and Director of the Institute of Gerontology to improve the formula of procaine procaine H3 (Gerovital) showing the regeneration ability of the cells.

Clinical Effectiveness Gerovital

● 1956: Assoc. Ana Aslan published in a medical magazine in Romania on a study involving 100 elderly people. The study showed that Gerovital was able to build muscle, reduce high blood pressure, pains, sore joints and bones (arthritis), chest pain (angina) and the problem of depression (depression).

● 1972: Assoc. Dr. Anan Aslan conducted one of the largest clinical trials in the world of anti-aging phenomenon (anti-ageing) and the effect of Gerovital involving 15.000 patients aged 40-62 in 144 health centers in Romania. The results showed the miracle of Gerovital of old diseases (degenerative Diseases).

Active Ingredients of Gerovital

● Procaine: 0.1gm - will change into PABA and DEAE, which will result in various medical effects of this product.

● Benzoic Acid: 0.006gm - as a stabilizer to prevent the procaine from being destroyed before the absorption process occurs.

● Potassium Metabisulphide: Antioxidants to provide protection to the integration of molecular Gerovital.

The Mechanism of Gerovital

● Provides the body with PABA and DEAE which plays an important role in the normal metabolism.

● PABA helps in the synthesis of various nutrients, vitamins and other nutrients found in small amounts in the body but are required in each cell of our body.

● DEAE Acetylcholine promotes the synthesis of a key ingredient to modulate hormones in the body.

● Once injected in the muscles (intramuscular injection), Gerovital will be fully absorbed within 30 minutes (60 minutes for the oral tablets).

Indications for Gerovital

Diseases caused by hormonal imbalance or neurotransmitters such as depression (depression), migraine, headache, menopausal symptoms, and others. Treat diseases that involve the death of older tissues in the body like arthritis, Parkinson, Alzheimer's and others.

Treatment age old diseases involving the tissues death, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's and others.

Repair of the body’s immunity and improve disease-related illnesses such as chronic infections, rheumatism, psoriasis, SLE and others.

Restoring calmness due to abnormal nerve activity, such the inability to sleep at night (insomnia) chronic fatigue, menstrual cycle irregularities and others.

Rejuvenation for those aged 35 years and above.

Antioxidants fight free radicals.
Tightening of the vagina, beautify and tightening of the skin.

Firming up of all body parts like the breasts and buttocks.

Diseases Treatable by Gerovital 

• Clinical studies performed in Romania involving 400 000 patients over 50 years found that Gerovital is effective in treating:

Sickel cell anemia

Hodgkin's disease

Abnormal Blood pressures

Stomach ulcers




Atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels)

Pain, joint pain (arthritis)

Deficit /surplus of sugar in the blood

Lack of vision &hearing

Lost/less memory

Muscle diseases


Varicose vein (large veins arising in the feet and legs)


The Miracle of Gerovital

42 year old man suffering from old age before time (premature ageing) and proriasis (left). After receiving treatment of Gerovital (right), a full rejuvenation can be seen in the growth of hair, lack of wrinkles on the face and loss of psoriasis.

Before (left) and after (right) Gerovital treatment in a 40-year-old man suffering from old premature ageing. A year after this treatment, rejuvenation seems very significant.

The Original Gerovital bearing the signature of Prof. Ana Aslan:

Only the original Gerovital preservatives can result in its antiageing and beautification effects, and this is the original Gerovital referred to as the "Fountain of Youth" by 100 million users in 70 countries.

Therapeutic Mechanism of Gerovital


● When entering the bloodstream, Gerovital divides into PABA and DEAE.

● PABA stimulates proliferation of organisms in the intestinal flora so that more nutritions (vitamin K, B and folic acid) can be produced for use by the body.

● DEAE enhancing choline and acetylcholine, which is an important substance for use in the heart, brain and nervous system.

● DEAE also reinstate the production Monoamine oxidase (MAO), which is responsible in the adjustments of the production of neurotransmitters.


● The experiences of the users show that the use Gerovital increases the intimacy of the husband and wife as Gerovital is able to narrow the vagina resulting in sexual satisfaction for the partner.

● The mechanism on how this occurs is uncertain but it is believed that the anabolic function Gerovital causes hypertrophy/hyperplasia of muscle tissues and thus making the muscle groups in the vagina stronger.

● Effects of Gerovital on the formation of Acetylcholine also makes muscles more energetic part because Acetylcholine is needed to move these muscles.

Firming Up of Specific Body Parts 

● Gerovital is also believed to firm up parts of the body which can easily sag such as the breasts and buttocks and other parts of the body.

● Its continued us will ensure these body parts are in captivating forms.

● The function of Gerovital in this case is also unclear, but it is believed that the nature of anabolic Gerovital builds muscle tissues and other tissues and it has similar effects on tissues with high fat content and thus firming up of those parts.

● The firming up effects of Gerovital could also be due to the redistribution of the fat cells to other parts of the body more readily needed and thus the shaping up of the chest and the hips are more prominent.

Radiant and Beautiful Skin 

● The earliest impacts seen with the use of Gerovital is on the skin where users find that their skin feel tighter than usual, fine lines on the face fades and disappears, and the problem of decreasing pigmentation & scars.

● Gerovital is capable of dilating small blood vessels on the surface of the face and skin causing the observed positive effect by supplying more nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface and deeper layers and at the same time facilitating waste and toxic substances from the skin to be removed before the bring negative effects on the skin of the users and thus the face will look more radiant.


● Studies show that depression is caused by the accumulation of Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) in the brain.

● It has been proven that in the DEAE in Gerovital acts as a controller of MAO which will normalize the levels of MAO in brain and gives a very good antidote to the problem of depression.

● Not unlike synthetic MAO inhibitors, DEAE act as a guard, which will reduce MAO when it is too high and increase it when reduced.

● The use of Gerovital gives the body DEAE which is also naturally produced by the human body, and thus no side effects are present unlike synthetic MAO inhibitors.

Sexual Function

● According to research done by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, MAO excess production will result in the lack of serotonin, thereby resulting in reduced activity of sex hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone ... and thereby cause a reduction in the individual’s sexual function.      

● Gerovital acts against the production of excess MAO by DEAE. This in turn maintains the balance of serotonin and MAO-production of sex hormones, and thus maintains sexual function.

Hair Re-growth & Colour

● clinical study Prod.Dr. Gerovital Aslan shows that the ability to promote growth of hair and its recolouration through the regulation of the endocrine system.

● It is achieved by balancing hormones through the nutrition PABA that enhances the supply of follicles, and the scalp and thus restoring the hair growth phase of hair growth to its most active Anagen phase, which contains high levels of melanin.


● An allergy is an excessive reaction of the immune system against foreign antigens.

● Excess production of histamine is known as a classic manifestation of an allergic reaction and is a major source of the symptoms.

● Gerovital cures this problem by acting neutralizing histamine.

● DEAE in Gerovital also controls the parasympathetic nervous system and helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies.


● Osteoporosis is caused by loss of bone mass caused by a lack of important hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone.

● Gerovital not only is able to prevent osteoporosis, but when used in an extended period, is able to remineralise the bones and this can be seen as an incease in bone thickness.

● This is because the balance of hormones produced by Gerovital increases production of oestrogen and testosterone, a hormone essential for keeping calcium in the body.

● Gerovital provide a better alternative than oestrogen and testosterone therapy now used to treat osteoporosis.

Heart attack and stroke

● A study conducted by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, Cohen and Ditman shown that Gerovital is able to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, restoring blood pressure and pulse rate, which is an important factor in the avoidance of heart attack and stroke.

● Gerovital has given full support by the National Congress of Professor of Italy as the most effective material to prevent diseases associated with the heart.

● Gerovital acts through the endocrine control system of the body preventing the synthesis of homocysteine and clotting factors and also stabilizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Diseases and Immunization System

● A study by Prof. Aslan shows reduction in absenteeism rates of 38% of those using Gerovital.

● One of the studies by Prof. Aslan was a study done during the influenza epidemic that swept across Europe. Prof. Aslan reported that the mortality rate in subjects taking Gerovital injections is four times lower than those not taking Gerovital (3.2% vs 13.9%).

● The same is also observed in the influenza study conducted in the United States where patients were not treated with Gerovital has a high mortality rate of 12% while those treated with Gerovital only showed as much as 3.3% mortality rate or approximately four times lower.

● The above studies show that the immune system is strengthened by Gerovital which causes the increase in the body's defense system and fight against diseases.

Pharmaceutical physical condition:
• Tablet
A sugar coated tablet containing:
Hydrochloride100 mg Procaine
Benzoic acid 60 mg
Disodium phosphate 0.5 mg dodecahydrate
5 mg potassium metabisulfite

Additional materials: starch from corn, mannitol, gelatin, Talc, magnesium stearate, sugar, povidone K30, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, colloidal silicon Light, Titanium Dioxide, schellack, yellow wax, carnauba wax.

Pharmaceutical Goup:
Intestinal system and metabolism. Tonic preparation. ATC code: AN01 A13

Therapeutic indications:
• Protection of the phenomenon of aging.
• Treatment of depression (depression, low and medium level), at the initial stage, especially when conventional therapy is not acceptable, or there are contraindications.
• Parkinson syndrome - can be used as a therapy or medication when used along with other anti-Parkinson, especially with dopamin agents.
• Osteoarthritis - inflammation of bone (Chronic degenerative rheumatism)
• Systemic arteriosclerosis with high blood cholesterol, heart disease due to lack of blood flow to parts of the heart (ischemic heart disease), inflammation of blood vessels (arteritis), obstructed blood flow through the blood vessels caused by atherosclerosis (cerebral atherosclerosis).

Sensitivity to procaine in the past or have been tested.
Blood pressure is too low.
Treatment with sulfonamides drugs (except anti-diabetic agent) and acetylcholinesterase agents: neostygmine, eserine (physostigmine) and pyridostigmine.

Warning about the use of:
Before starting treatment, tests on individual tolerance of procaine to be done (see below dose and manner of use)
This treatment must be done under the observation of doctors, especially in the initial stage, to determine the optimal dose.
This product must be given with caution in patients with low blood pressure levels.
Although procaine does not cause cancer, it is not recommended on cancer patients as it has the effect of stimulation and stimulation effects on cancer cells and the mitotic risks are uncertain.

Interaction with other medicines:
Gerovital H3 should not be given together with the drug sulphonamides (as opposed to both) - except in the anti-diabetes, anticholinesterases: neostygmine, eserine (physostigmine) and pyridostigmine.

Pregnant and lactating women:
Studies on animals show no effect or defects on the newborn. In circumstances where the effects of defects on the animal is unavailable, the defects on human beings are not expected. Despite this, Gerovital H3 is used for patients who have reached the age to obtain offspring. Because of this, we do not encourage their use during pregnancy or while nursing.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines:
These products do not disrupt this ability.

Dosage and method of use:
Before starting treatment with Gerovital H3, it is required to test each individual on procaine allergy, as follows: 1 ml of liquid injection ampoule Gerovital H3 by subcutaneous injection (under the skin) and after 24 hours, test should be repeated with 1.5 ml of liquid the intramuscular (in muscle). If there is any sign of allergy, the treatment is not recommended.
• Protection of the phenomenon of aging. (usually), alternating by injection and tablets of Gerovital H3 is given as follows:
Injection: intramuscular injection of 1, three times a week (one day ampoule interval), within 4 weeks (12 ampoules).
Tablets: 2 tablets / day, after meals, morning and afternoon, for 12 days.
Series of injections and tablets should alternate each year, on an ongoing basis or stopping for a month during the series of treatment. The method of administration, dosage, and frequency of stops will be determined by a gerontologist depending on the age of the patient.

Curing Treatments:
• Depression Treatment:
Week 1: 1 ampoule im / day, three times a week (ie, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday);
Week 2 and 3: 1 ampoule im, three times a week;
Week 4: 2 ampoule im, three times a week.
This treatment should be repeated 4-6 times a year.
• Parkinson's syndrome:
Administered every day 1 ampoule im and 2 tablets, for 15 days.
• Osteoarthritis (inflammation of bone):
1 ampoule im / day for 15-21 days and then an ampoule im three times a week (day intervals), for four weeks, alternating 4-5 times / year. During the stop of the series of injections, 1-2 tablets / day, 12-18 days / month, can be taken.
• Systemic arteriosclerosis:
Depending on the extent of the disease and its spread, the treatment is as follows: 1 ampoule im / day, three times a week, four weeks (12 ampoule), repeated 5-6 times / year. Among the series of injections, diet tablets do - 2 tablets / day, 12 days.
In some cases, treatment can be done without injections: 3 tablets / day, 21 days in the 6-8 series / year.

Adverse effects that may occur while using this product:
Gerovital H3 intake may cause allergic reactions to patients sensitive to procaine as rash or itching of the skin. If this occurs, the intake should be stopped immediately.
No serious effects may occur, especially at the beginning of treatment such as dizziness, weakness and heart palpitations. These effects can be prevented by resting in bed for 10-15 minutes after injection.

There are currently no reports of overdosage of Gerovital H3. In the event of accidental injection in the intake of high dose, low blood pressure, seizures, coma, respiratory arrest may occur.
Treatment is symptomatic and support of the body's vital functions.

Store below 25 C.
Store in a sealed condition.
Far from the children.
Do not exceed  the expiry date printed on the packaging.

Primary packaging: polyethylene bottles with 25 tablets.
Secondary packaging: box pleated with a bottle containing 25 tablets. 

Gerovital vitamins is a nutrient, which operates in exactly the same manner as any other food, i.e. by being absorbed into the circulatory system, thereby enriching the blood in a manner which stimulates cellular growth and well being, thus strengthening the myriad systems within the body - not forgetting the immune system which is designed to resist infection.

This is one of the monthly standard treatment schemes recommended by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan for preventive and curative treatment of old age phenomena: 2 tablets daily, over a period of 12 days. Break until the end of the month. Discovered by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan at the Geriatric Institute of Bucharest, in early fifties it is produced until now in the Bucharest factory. This unique nutritional formulation has been described as "The Fountain of Youth", and is estimated to be in use by more than 10 million people in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Being the first anti-aging therapy, Gerovital reduces free radical activity,preventing damage to DNA and cellular membranes. The complex effects of Gerovital are, due to its activity, both at the level of the central and neurovegetative nervous systems , and at the level of the cells. The product has been proved to act in the oxidation-reduction phenomena of the cell, stimulation of tissue regeneration and the improvement of metabolic processes.

Has been proved that help also in treatment of: Parkinson's, spondylosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, neurodermitis, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, arteriosclerosis,sclederma and many others.

For optimal absorption and maximum effect two Gerovital tablets should be taken 2 or 3 hours after meals with a glassful of water. The body should not have to rely too extensively on a substance such as Gerovital, so it is advisable to have a rest period, just to allow the body to perform naturally again, and not become dependant on supplemental help and to maintain a healthy functional balance. Take the product on a regular basis, try to establish a routine pattern.

PRECAUTIONS: -Through the 50 years of research and usage, it has never shown adverse side-effects. -Where other medication has a sulphur base (some antibiotics for instance), Gerovital has been found to neutralise them. -The Romanians researchers indicate that 1 person in 6,000 is allergic. The allergy is not severe; usually just a prickling sensation of the skin and a slight rash.

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Gerovital h3 is an anti aging medicine that provides many benefits to our body. Gerovital is an effective anti aging treatment to restore youthful looks. Georvital is well known as fountain of youth and provides many benefits such as reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering cholesterol and improve concentration etc.

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