Sunday, August 4, 2013

Virthion 100mg Glutathione Tablets Pharmaceutical Grade

The new Virthion glutathione 100mg pharmaceutical tablets, blister packed, and made in Korea is the replacement product for Tathion 500. Now, in higher dosage, twice the dosage of the outgoing version. It is blister packed to ensure the highest quality glutathione content of the product is maintained at all times. It also ensures easy handling of the tablets without jeopardizing tablet integrity.

Virthion tablet is an oral antioxidant containing the most powerful antioxidant for the human body. It is also used by many individuals for lightening purposes and for a more supple skin.

The prime use of this tablet is mainly to attain glowing, fairer smoother and rosy complexion of the skin. It also helps to even out uneven skin tone. Its consistent us can make the skin more supple, elastic skin, tauter and produces a less wrinkled appearance.

The tablet is also used for skin lightening (whitening), for reducing scars and pigmentation (eg melasma) by its action in inhibiting melanogenesis.

It also neutralizes free radicals in the cells and removes toxic substances from the body, which is important in slowing down ageing and degradation of the body and thus it acts as a powerful antiageing and antioxidant treatment.


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