Monday, December 3, 2012

Ribo Wied Rejuvenaton, Revitalising & Antiageing Placenta Compositum


Biological therapeutic agent for regenerationPacks of 10 ampoules of 4.0 mL each.  

Composition:One 4 mL ampoule contains:Organ hydrolysate with oligonucleotidesand –peptides:

Spleen 3mg
Liver 12mg
Heartmuscle 4mg
Placenta 20mg

Indications: Geriatric deseases or degeneration, climacteric and endocrinological disorders, sclerosis, loss of vitality. Antiageing.

Containdications:Acute inflammatory processes, allergic reactions, insufficient purin-metabolism.

Dosage and method of administration:If not otherwise prescribed, one ampoule every 2 or 3 days, 8-12 deep intramuscular injections.

Properties:Ribo-Wied contains a number of biological active oligonucleotides and –peptides (from calf- and cow-organs). These substances are important in protein-metabolism as well as regeneration and self-reparing mechanism.

Ribo-Wied stimulates the cellular and humoral immune system. It has a beneficial effect on geriatric and hormonal disorders, and it can be used after operation and for accelerating convalescence.

Due to the specific production methods, Ribo-Wied contains no large molecules and therefore allergic reactions are rather unlikely.

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