Monday, June 25, 2012

Derma C

This statement from Mercator Pharma itself proves that Derma C is a fake product.

Mercator Pharmaceutical Solutions does not make Derma C!

Mercator Pharmaceutical Solutions does not have a factory in France and does notproduce the product in the photograph below.

Any claims that it is from France or from Mercator are PURELY FALSE. This seems to be a rapidly expanding scam (as we have only noticed this has popped up on the web in the last few weeks) or someone is using our company's name against our will.

There is no way to know that these products are safe. If you see them online, DO NOT BUY them or use them.

If you find a link for a company that is selling these products, please email Nick at( and we will contact them directly. There are currently too many companies online claiming they sell a product we don't make for us to track them down on our own, but with your and our efforts, we can take it off the web. 

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