Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aqua Skin Whitening Skinnic

This is another product which is an immitation using the name Skinnic, a brand name and establishment in Malaysia and Expanscience Laboratoires. Upon checks, the manufacturer does not exist in Switzerland. The spelling on the box at the back concerning the address is also a misspelled word for Laboratory in swiss. The bar code also indicates that this is not a product made in Switzerland. We have also looked at the composition in the aqua (water) solution. A few items in it cannot dissolve in a water environment. Thus this is another fake item.


kui said...

ok vivie, you claim every injection is fake. what and where is the real deal???

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

please email us at viviebeautyshack@gmail.com

Fanny Loh said...

hi i need to buy this ampoule , can let mi know hwo uch and hwo to gey it thanks !!

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

Hi If you missed what we are saying above, we stress here again that this product is a fake item.

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