Thursday, November 24, 2011

Glutax 3G

Glutax 3G

This is another repacked product containing glutathione and vitamin C.

Dermedical is actually not an Italian company but an Australian one. This is another case of taking the brand name of another company and relabelling the product whilst making a few changes as to the location, phone number and address. This product is yet again another imitation.

And there is yet new versions of the above Glutax 4G and Glutax 5G. 


SueAnnie said...

haii.. i already bought this 3G Glutax.. and i already jab it .. OMG.. what should i do??

biskut said...

hep me too..bought for RM250 per box.the cheapest rate compare to other wonder :(

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

we dont recommend you using a product that is not genuine for fear that it may potentially harm your health in various ways.

SueAnnie said...

hi.. it is all Glutax 3G is imitation?? or just from Dermical Italy only??

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

Its an imitation.

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

More accurately, dermical has never produced such product.

SueAnnie said...

Really thank you.. I already jab a once on my IV..

I don't know its real or coincidence, because a few days after I jab, I felt sick, my stomach hurt so much.. i felt like diarrhea and I vomit a few times..

There 4 bottle leave .. i need to throw away.. such a waste.. but for my health must to that..

Before this is use Roche Vitamin C + Colagen, is this real product??

Really appreciate it..

lis said...

How much the price for the Glutax 3g the Original one?

sr said...

Omg I just bought n jabbed this rubbish too... Got dry skin under my eyes... Pls lemme know where I can find the original vit c n glutathione products. Thx

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...


There is no real Glutax 3G.

Vitamin C + collagen roche is also unfortunately, not original.

We are able to supply the original Vitamin C and Glutathione.

SueAnnie said...

Platinum Vitamin C + collagen roche is not real?? i use Platinum Vitamin C + collagen roche before .. i find this is good which make my skin glow and very smooth... my sinus is much better than before..

i dont know either its fake or real..

please advise which one product is good that combine vit c + collagen + gluta.. need to buy it..

for my sinus and skin repair..


you can email me at

Master Jason said...
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Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

The vitamin C platinium you use most probably contain vitamin C perhaps of Chinese origin, relabelled and repacked. There is no collagen inside it whatsoever.

The effects you are seeing are the effects of injecting Vitamin C.

Putri Abbaleza said...

ok i understand about this conversation... but anyone can help me, xplain in malay.

saya pakai glutax 3G. beli dengan harga rm300. baru bulan pertama. x nampak apa-apa kesan pun. dah 4kali cucuk. dekat kotak tulis alamat dari iaty. tapi sekarang saya tengok perbualan diatas, ada mengatakan dari tempat lain. so, ada saranan product lain yang boleh saya cuba?

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

please email us at for more elaborate answers

Marty D'Franc said...

i have used to boxes of this. my friends too. our skin glowed. the side effect that i experienced was hair loss. my friend had flared tonsils it had to be removed. the other one had more pimples on her back, but one of us did not experience any damage. only softer glowing skin. good for her. i love it too. i think the collagen+vit c ampules is just water though. for me i think its ok. but i swithced to bayer tationil now. got it from my own dr.the effect is not that fast but at least i know its safe. thank you vivien

Review Products said...

For the original produk of glutax, you can find at my site. Guaranteed import from italy. Check this

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

We have to jump the gun, but we have to stress again, there is NO authethic Glutax 3G, 4G, 5G, etc etc. The Glutax brand is a fake brand made in China.

Vivie Beauty Shack Malaysia said...

There is also Glutax 9G, dont be fooled, this is also fake.

joker30 said...

Omg! I just bought 7 boxes of glutax 5g! If I had read ur blog b4 I decided to try on gluthathione injectable, u would have save me big bucks! :'( ������������

ritzyruth said...

Omg, i just bought glutax9g a week ago and had my first shot. I didnt feel anything, all is normal. However, i was curious about the manufacturer of this product and found no website at all to prove legitimacy. I think il stop using this for my own safety.

By the way, how can you be so sure that this product is fake? Do you have any proof?


ritzyruth said...

Omg, i just bought glutax 9g a week ago and had my first shot with no side effects.

I am scheduled to have my 2nd shot tomorrow but i am not sure if i will still go for it.

I had my doubts with this product after my purchase since i cant find any website to prove their legitimacy. I am glad to come across your blog to validate my suspicion.

To the administrator, how can you be so sure that this product is fake? Do you have any proof?


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