Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vitamin C 50ml x 25gm


Vitamin C 50 ml x 25gm vit c from the US. The usual regime is an initial use of 8-9gm, diluted (with water/dextrose/saline) of 1:3 proportion (1: ascorbic acid and 3: dilutent) and run in over 30 mins during the first session. Subsequently if this is well tolerated, higher doses15gm and subsequently 25gm over 45-60 mins may be employed. Results observable even the very next day. Excellent results apparently.

Usually used as a whitening product (best to combine with original Tationil Teofarma), adjuvant to cancer treatment and in chelation therapy.


Each ml contains Ascorbic Acid 500mg, Edetate Disodium 0.025%, Sodium Hydroxide 0.011%, Water for Injection q.s. pH (range 5.5-7.0) adjusted with Sodium Bicarbonate.

Usual Adult Dosage is 70 to 150mg daily. In the presence of scurvy, doses of 300 mg to 1 gram daily are recommended.

To enhance would-healing, doses of 300 to 500 mg daily for a week to ten days. In the treatment of burns, doses are governed by the extent of tissue injury.

For severe burns, daily doses of 1 to 2 grams are recommended. In other conditions in which the need for ascorbic acid is increased, three to five times the daily optimum allowances appear to be adequate.

WARNING: PRESSURE MAY DEVELOP WITHIN THE VIAL UPON STORAGE. Dispense entire contents within 4 hours after entry or discard remaining content after first withdrawal. Do not use unless solution is clear and seal is intact.

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