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Hairmax Hair Fibres 25gm

Thinner to Thicker Hair in Just Seconds

Hair Building Fibers - For Natural Looking Coverage
HairMax Hair Fibers™ are natural keratin protein hair building fibers that blend and statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage, INSTANTLY!

HairMax Hair Fibers are the perfect solution for men and women suffering with hair loss and thinning hair who want to change the way they feel about their appearance. Balding and thinning areas instantly vanish leaving you with a natural looking full head of hair.

This innovative hair thickener is helping thousands of people conceal thinning hair.

Benefits of using HairMax Hair Fibers™
What Can HairMax Hair Fibers Do For You?

HairMax Hair Fibers are scientifically formulated to bond with your hair. They are secure enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. HairMax Hair Fibers blend and bond with your existing hair, instantly providing dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage. Bald patches and thin areas instantly vanish leaving you with a natural looking full head of hair.
HairMax Fibers bond with your hair providing dramatic density and volume.

The small keratin particles in the HairMax Hair Fibers hair building formula statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and build up the hair structure, INSTANTLY!
Compatible With All Hair Growth Treatments

HairMax Hair Fibers are ideal for post-transplant surgery as well as a great adjunct to hair growth products such as the HairMax LaserComb. Because HairMax Hair Fibers are an all-natural complex of organic protein, they will not interfere with hair growth products or treatments. In fact, HairMax Hair Fibers are a great way to conceal your thinning hair while allowing time for hair growth products to work.
Completely Safe To Use After Hair Transplant Surgery
HairMax Hair Fibers are recommended for use after hair transplant surgery. They are completely safe and work extremely well in eliminating the appearance of any post operative thinning and scabs.
HairMax Hair Fibers vs Other Brands

HairMax Hair Fibers are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure your satisfaction. We start with all natural keratin protein fibers, then precision cut them to the optimum length to ensure the best bonding and coverage. Other Hair Fibers do not take the time to precision cut their fibers, resulting in larger, heavier fibers that do not hold as well.
HairMax Hair Fibers
Other Brands
Precision cut into micro sized fibers. Smaller fibers give a natural looking appearance
Fibers are longer in length and heavier, do not bond or cover as well
Fibers are nearly invisible once applied
Fibers are visible in the hair
Made of natural, organic keratin protein
Made with materials like rayon and cotton
Ultra fine particles won't weigh hair down
Heavier fibers, weigh hair down giving an unnatural appearance
Won't clump on your scalp
Clump on your scalp
Fibers can be blended to achieve the perfect color match
Larger fibers do not blend as well, making it more difficult to achieve a color match 

You Are A Good Candidate For HairMax Hair Fibers If You:
  • Want thicker looking hair
  • Want to conceal hair loss and thinning hair
  • Want to achieve instant coverage while using treatments to re-grow your own hair
  • Need to cover your hair roots between colorings
  • Want to feel confident about your appearance
  • Are turned off by messy liquids & gels
Key Benefits of HairMax Hair Fibers:
  • HairMax Hair Fibers can be applied within seconds
  • See immediate results
  • HairMax Hair Fibers build up your hair to dramatically increase volume and density
  • Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Easily washes out with any shampoo
  • Completely undetectable
  • Statically bonds to your hair to create a natural appearance
  • Go's on dry; No odor
  • Compatible with all hair growth treatments such as the HairMax LaserComb
  • HairMax Hair Fibers can be used by both men and women.
  • 100% safe to use after hair transplant surgery

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